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Shaping your body and creating a strong health look has never been easier with our easy to follow workouts!

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Two Programs Available

Choose from my original T28 Program or my shorter program, 2 Week Abs.

28-Minute Workouts

Finding time for exercise with my short and effective workouts is easy. Each workout will last a maximum of 28 Min, allowing you to fit fitness into your busy schedule.

Train Your Way

At home or in the gym — Both Programs are easy adaptable for numerous styles of equipment. 

Become the Most STRONGEST, FITTEST and EMPOWERED version of YOU

My programs has helped countless of women to become fitter, stronger and more empowered versions of themselves!


Starting with T28 Fitness is SO SIMPLE! Each workout is presented in a basic and easy to follow format, with all the information you need on the page. This makes it easy for you to start right away.

The program begins with smaller challenges and simpler moves, and gradually ramps you up over the weeks to higher levels and intensity. This means your body will continue to adapt and change avoiding a plateau.  But do not worry, there are lower impact alternatives for those who need to take it a little slower. 

A glossary of each exercise is also included to ensure you preform each move correct. This will help prevent injury and use of incorrect muscles, plus ensure you have the best direction, form and technique. 

What is included: 

  • 12 week step-by-step visual manual with video assistance 
  • 4 weeks pre-training program
  • Over 30 self challenges to complete 
  • Body Shape Quiz
  • Exercise Glossary
  • Information on our fat burning methods
  • Access to our members only fitness community
  • BONUS: Workout Videos




  • 2 week step-by-step core program
  • Strengthen Core Muscles
  • Exercise Images showing movements 
  • 14- 21 active min workouts
  • Beginner and Intermediate / Advanced Options 





WAIT! Want it ALL? 

Ultimate Sculpting Pack

  • T28 Fitness (and all its inclusions)
  • 2 Week Ab Program
  • Thermal Switch - 40 Serves
  • Adrenenal Switch - 30 Serves
  • Amino Switch - 30 Serves
  • Keto Switch - 40 Serves
  • Vitality Switch - 30 Serves
  • 1 day Meal and Supplement Plan