About Us

New Life Fitness provides individuals with the opportunity to exceed their personal fitness expectations.

Our programs, personal training, at home guides and group fitness classes are based on our core principles and cater for all people of different shapes, sizes, and goals.

New Life Fitness’s fitness programs are designed using fundamental movement concepts and skills, and are inclusive of everyone with modifications being made for advanced, regular and beginner participants. Over the course of our programs participants will find they cover the ten standards of fitness;

  1. cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
  2. stamina
  3. strength
  4. flexibility
  5. power
  6. speed
  7. coordination
  8. agility
  9. balance
  10. accuracy

This approach will ensure that every participant achieves what they are aiming for.
Wr offer a variety of services including 

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 New Life Fitness – Queensland Owner and Trainer Aymie has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 5 years. During this time, she has trained in a wide range of settings, with a wide range of clients. These clients have had goals that include weight loss, body toning, muscle gain and athletic training and all of these clients have obtained excellent results with a lasting effect.


Here at New Life Fitness we understand that health and fitness means and looks different to every person. That is why we have developed a variety of different training methods to help cater to your individual needs. We believe that everyone regardless of social status or stage in life should receive an expert level of training.