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The T28 Program

With a combination of 3 proven workout methods, T28 is designed to help you achieve your goals in the comfort of your home.

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Personal Training

If you are looking for personalised training programs to optimise your results look no further than obtaining a PT. Whether you are starting your health and fitness journey or looking to get back on track nothing works better then a personal trainer.

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Group Classes

Need extra motivation and challenges? Group classes offer people the ability to work on individual goals while challenging yourself against others. With a fun, motivational and inspirational community of like minded people, why not give group class a go today!

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Supplements & Equipment

New Life Fitness is a proud supporter and distributor of Switch Nutrition supplements! Check out our range of incredible supplements & shakers!

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New Life  · New Goals · New You

New Life Fitness provides individuals with the opportunity to exceed their personal fitness expectations.

When someone chooses to exercises in a group situation the 
aim is to have fun and use everyday functional movements to 
provide them with the tools that will help them become more 
likely to exercise regularly, eat better, have fewer injuries 
and lose weight while gaining muscle mass.


I started training with Aymie about 4 months ago. I'm not the youngest and come with injuries. Aymie was able to work a program for me doing exercises I enjoy and don't aggravate my injuries. I have increased my strength, fitness and body image in this time. I went from 900 punches in a session to just shy of 5000. Who would have thought. Although weight loss wasn't my motivation it happened anyway. Thanks Aymie :-)

CASS | Age 30 | Lower body injuries

New life Fitness -Queensland - thank you for helping me to get back to an active life!  After 6 weeks, I can now do a full squat with no knee pain!  With an individually customized nutrition and exercise plan, I have not only lost 12 pounds and one clothing size, but more important, I have increased my range of motion and now have more mobility and no longer experience knee pain when bending.  Aymie at Newlife is tough but is always making sure that I am not exceeding my limits.  She is firm but always encouraging and makes our private class fun!  Aymie you rock

DENISE | Age: 50 | Wrist and Knee injuries | Skype PT Client

Aymie is awesome, the results have been amazing and I still come back every week for more. Thank you for your support and commitment to achieve my goals.

LISA | Age: 40

Excellent what more can I say. 12 week challenge - done with excellent results. BBT still pushing through, but having great results also. If anyone needs a trainer see Aymie :)

Karen | Age: 50+ |Knee Injuries

Aymie is a great trainer! She is very supportive, always willing to help and will push you to reach the results you want! The workouts are always different which is great as you don't get bored! Aymie is also always ready to answer your questions and explain both exercise and nutritional quires. Answers are straight and simple to understand - which is helpful if new to the health and fitness world!

Lauren | 22

I have just finished my second fitness challenge with Aymie. 3x a week for 30-40 min of intensive training over 11-12 weeks definitely gets your heart racing and losing centimeters off your body. Workouts are always different so you never get bored. While working to your own fitness level, she is always pushing you to your limit. Always gives great fitness advise, I definitely recommend her classes. Can't wait to start my third challenge with her!

Ngahuia | Age: 30+

Aymie is amazing couldn't have asked for a better trainer she makes you work hard but yet manages to make it fun and is always making sure your feeling ok and you know that if your struggling there is an alternative I don't feel like I'm going to a training session I feel like I'm going to work out with a group of friends aymies boot camp is the bomb   

Samia | Age: 20+ | Mummy

Hard work, motivation and comfortable, makes working hard fun, I look forward to our boot camp sessions, and pricing is remarkable!

Kirsty | 20+